Second plane carrying evacuees from Wuhan on its way to Ontario

Coronavirus: Risk to Canadians still 'low'

Second plane carrying evacuees from Wuhan on its way to Ontario

The second Canadian charter plane has departed Hong Kong and is en route to Wuhan, China to repatriate more people stuck in the epicentre of the coronavirus.

So far, seven cases of the virus have also been diagnosed in Canada, four of them in B.C. and three in Ontario.

They would have been taken off the plane and given medical assistance locally. Most cases of the new coronavirus are mild, but the respiratory illness can be deadly for some people.

The fatality toll from the new virus has passed the 774 people believed to have died in the 2002-03 epidemic of severe acute respiratory syndrome, another viral outbreak that originated in China.

Outside China, there have been to date 319 cases in 24 countries.

Those evacuees are being kept at CFB Trenton for 14 days to make sure they don't get sick and start spreading the germs across the country.

More Canadians have arrived home after being evacuated from China.

Although they were initially told that Xiao would not be allowed to board the second flight back to Canada, the Canadian authorities later said she would be permitted on the plane.

A first planeload of Canadians arrived at an Ontario military base last Friday, carrying 176 people, including two members of the rapid deployment team, said Champagne.

Canada's Chief Medical Officer, Theresa Tam, said on Monday eight members of the Canadian Armed Forces who accompanied the first flight to and from Wuhan had been released from quarantine, as had five additional members of the flight crew.

There have been more than 40,000 cases of the novel coronavirus reported, and more than 900 deaths.

Of the 213 evacuees still in quarantine at CFB Trenton, Tam said none have exhibited any symptoms of the virus.

In a press release, the federal government advised Canadians in China outside of Hubei province, whose presence there is "non-essential", to consider leaving by commercial means. Each room has its own sink but washrooms are shared and will need to be cleaned frequently to make sure quarantine protocols are followed, Tam said.

"Those numbers can change as we know, but we are very grateful for the work that's happening at the Canadian level, the collaboration amongst all the levels of government to ensure that we can detect and contain that spread, so the risk remains low for Canadians", she said.

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