Slack bags all 350,600 IBM employees

IBM adopts 'Slack' messaging platform for its 3,50,000 employees

IBM chooses another Microsoft competitor for its employees; Slack instead of Teams

Company Insider reported an IBM executive said over 300,000 of its workers now had access to Slack and the company was working to onboard the past 50,000.

Microsoft and Slack have been locked inside a metaphorical cage match over the future supremacy of productivity communications and today, IBM placed a large bet on Slack.

"Going wall to wall in IBM - it's basically the maximum scale that there is, so we now know that Slack will work for literally the largest organizations in the world", Business Insider quoted Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield recently. The spike in Slack's share price came as a result of Business Insider claiming, falsely as it turns out, that the company had newly signed IBM as a customer. Slack was more than satisfied with its paid / free services. Last year, Slack had reported that 1,65,000 IBM customers and its userbase will now grow to contain the entirety of IBM's 3,50,000 workforce.

The deal with IBM builds on a previous relationship between the two companies. A few years ago, IBM and Apple made headlines as the former opted to shift 25% of its 537,000 active laptops from PCs to Macs. It is an important development that this number has doubled.

In doing so, the tech giant has instantly become Slack's largest customer. While Teams was used by 20 million people, Slack was used by 12 million people.

IBM's use of Slack began in 2014, with a group of 68 engineers and grew from there.

IBM's decision comes just weeks after Microsoft has begun to boost TV ad for Tim. Microsoft has caught up and overtaken Slack over the past year, which led to the team being actively used by 20 million people every day compared with 12 million Slack. Whatever the outcome, it is certain that IBM's decision gave Slack great power in the Slack-Microsoft struggle.

Slack stock price soared more than 15% in yesterday's trading session on news reports that International Business Machines Corp.

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