Sony and Tencent Developing Crossfire Movie Adaptation


CREDIT Courtesy of Smilegate

Both Moritz and Hogan have previously worked on such movies.

Crossfire is free-to-play first-person shooter which features two mercenary corporations: the Black List and Global Risk, who are fighting against each other. It has generated more than $ 10.8 billion in revenue for life, and is expected to be one of the highest grossing video games ever created, defending the title of the most played game in the world by number of players of all time.

First launched in 2007, the game was initially developed for Windows before expanding to additional platforms.

Along with the Quick and Livid movies, Moritz has produced the 2 21 Soar Road films and the upcoming Vin Diesel comedian guide adaptation Bloodshot, each for Sony.

Smilegate claims that Crossfire has 1 billion registered users and up to 6 million concurrent players.

Tencent Pictures will co-finance and co-produce the movie, which will be produced through the Original Film label of Neal H. Moritz - the producer behind the Fast and the Furious series and the Sonic The Hedgehog movie. But it looks like Sony Pictures, which hasn't been holding up super well in recent years, is interested in finally pushing adaptation this into production - probably to cash in on the game's global appeal.

Another hit game is getting the big-screen treatment.

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