Southern Wisconsin child dies from the flu

Sick student with his head down on his desk

By Dan Hounsell Emergency Preparedness

For the last reporting week released, there were no cases of H3N2 reported - only the third week this flu season that has been the case.

In October of a year ago, was the first reported death from the flu by an adult in the central part of the state according to a press release by NC Division of Public Health.

"The CDC says don't travel to China, but the CDC also says travel". The number of cases nationally have been increasing in double digits for the last few weeks. This is especially true for the most vulnerable including the very young, older people, and people with chronic health conditions. Across the country, the CDC estimates 16,000 Americans have died from the flu, including 78 children.

Fifty percent of students did not change their mind about not receiving the vaccine after they were informed of six people at the time that had died from the flu in North Carolina within a week.

Officials indicated on a phone conference call that there have been 100 new flu hospitalizations in the state on Thursday due to the flu.

It was also estimated that only 37.1% of people got their flu shot a year ago. But that means 60% aren't vaccinated for the flu.

"I think something that gets lost in the narrative is that while the flu shot prevents a percentage of infections, and some people will go and develop the flu anyway, even if they do, there's some evidence that it's attenuated, and that the complications from having the flu including death are lessened even if someone develops flu after they've gotten a shot", Jason C. Gallagher, PharmD, editor in chief of Contagion®, and a clinical professor at Temple University of College of Pharmacy, said in a previous interview.

"I would say the average Malheur County resident is way, way more likely to get flu than the coronavirus", said Angie Gerrard, a registered nurse at the Malheur County Health Department.

Flu cases statewide are running about the same as this time past year, according to DHHS.

As to the presence of COVID-19, the official name of the new coronavirus, in Wisconsin, there's still only one confirmed case, which was in Dane County.

"Four of my roommates had the flu at the beginning of the semester", said Boluwarin Dairo, a junior computer science major from Lagos, Nigeria. All 14 other state residents tested for the virus have been cleared. Allen Bateman, with the Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene, says the test kits the CDC sent to Wisconsin and other states last week are flawed. "We hoped to do testing by now, but our quality control systems were able to identify this issue, which is being fixed", Bateman said. He hopes the new kits will be in Wisconsin next week.

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