'Taylor Swift: Miss Americana' stages vulnerability

Original Content podcast Netflix’s Taylor Swift documentary feels like a guarded self-portrait		
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Original Content podcast Netflix’s Taylor Swift documentary feels like a guarded self-portrait Anthony Ha Jordan Crook Darrell Etherington 2 days

But lately what has truly grabbed one's attentions is Taylor Swift's trait of experimenting with her makeup.

The documentary also offers an insight into the loneliness of her position as one of the most successful female musicians of all time. Though this may have come as devastating news to her a couple years earlier, Swift immediately sets a goal of writing a better record.

However, Lana Wilson's long-awaited documentary, Miss Americana, proved us wrong on all accounts.

The audience sees as Swift argues with her team about her decision to share her views and discusses the potential backlash she may face. This is the one time in the documentary that Swift comes off as insincere, after telling us just how lonely fame is, it is hard to tell if she really cares about LGBTQ+ rights or is simply looking for new friends. This brings us to one of the most important themes displayed in Miss Americana-womanhood in all its complexities and a quest to seek validation.

The documentary published on Netflix on January 31 targets United States singer-songwriter Taylor Swift, revealing some turning points in her career and lifestyle including her struggles with an eating disorder, self-esteem, expressing her political perspectives and sexual attack.

The filmmakers did a good job of incorporating music from all stages of Swift's career, from her singles to some of her deeper cuts.

Swift details her experience of confronting a radio DJ who groped her that culminated in a trial she won. "Like, kind of amusing, but it's also making a very serious point".

As many fans had hoped it would, the film explores the infamous 2009 scandal, where Kanye West interrupted Swift's VMA acceptance speech. Despite this being a clear case of bullying, where a 30-year-old man tried to delegitimize the success of young woman, Swift automatically concluded that she was the problem. Swift revealed that she thought the crowd was booing her. In the scene, Swift wanted to declare her stance on politics and call out Tennessee Senator candidate at the time, Marsha Blackburn, who goes against many of Swift's liberal views.

Both she and Wilson revel in the documentary's ability to catch the exact moment of excitement and awe when Swift perfected an idea. While conservative viewpoints can certainly be boiled down to a few trivial things, it's unfortunate Swift appears to vote for all Democrats just because Democrat politicians embrace the couple of issues she holds dear.

Taylor Swift, one of the youngest and most awarded singers of her generation, is a role model to many young girls. Swift shares that she does not feel "muzzled anymore", and promises to reject misogyny and double standards. There is no such thing as a slut, there is no such thing as a bitch.

"That was sort of a catalyst for a lot of psychological paths that I went down, and not all of them were beneficial", Swift said about Kanye West's interruption.

She added: "You weren't invasive at all. Wait why did I say sorry?!". The fact that Swift is a huge figure in the music industry is indisputable, and Miss Americana recounts her career's rise, life at the top and where she is now. Swift's dad discouraged her from doing so, but she soon pressed send on an Instagram post in October 2018 that marked Swift's political debut.

Miss Americana does more than enough, despite its small flaws, to paint a humanised picture of a girl, now woman, who seems to have struggled with fame ever since finding it.

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