Blizzard announces Echo as the new hero arriving soon for Overwatch

When is the Overwatch Echo hero release date teaser

Overwatch's Newest Hero Is Echo, A Long-Awaited AI Robot

The dev team have been dropping events without much fanfare of late, meaning the same could happen with a new hero. It's not hard to do the math from those numbers alone as the remaining 15 heroes can be further divided into eight tanks and only seven supports. Her primary attack is called Tri-shot, but she can also launch several bombs that will explode after a beat.

Yet what's most fascinating about Echo is her ultimate ability.

Echo was created as a riff on the original Omnic design in a bid to try to save humanity by way of utilizing artificial life.

A message from Blizzard explains: "In this highly replayable mode, players can level up their heroes and earn powerful customization options that supercharge their abilities, granting the extra edge they need to overcome the odds". Unlike Pharah, though, Echo can only stay airborne for a short while. But where Mercy falls slower and more vertically, Echo falls a bit faster but more horizontally.

Current Overwatch players will be able to play Overwatch 2 heroes and maps, ensuring the core PvP experience remains highly populated. Or rather, you're encouraged to use it that way, as it does significantly more damage to players below 50% health.

The official statement released by Blizzard says that fans will hear more details on the rescheduling of matches soon, but with the spread of the virus potentially in its infancy in the United States, there's no telling what the Blizzard team will ultimately decide to do. There was no clarification on how long you remain in the form of a different character, but it's a "pretty significant period of time". If this move proves too insane, they'll have to dial it back a bit. This option will also be available for Ana, which is excellent news. Echo is said to be "coming soon" in regards to her release date.

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