"Break My Heart": Dua Lipa introduced a new song

Dua Lipa on the album cover of Future Nostalgia

Dua Lipa on the album cover of Future Nostalgia Credit Warner Records AP

Dua - whose album was leaked early online - drops the new single "Break My Heart" today (25.03.20) and she has teased the song "Love Again" is "dramatic" and a "manifestation".

The video, directed by Henry Scholfield, takes the viewer on a rollercoaster of a journey through the trials and tribulations of relationships.

In an Instagram Live on Monday, the Physical singer notified her followers of the news in an emotional 46-minute stream during which she answered fans' questions.

Then, Dua finds herself walking into her vibrant futuristic apartment and tries to show her distant lover affection.

Now in a swanky neon-lit club, Dua walks around the tables to see other couples engaging in a similar fight before launching into the song's upbeat chorus. The 24-year-old pop star sings about the push and pull of falling in love in "Break My Heart". "I should've stayed at home, 'cause now there ain't no letting you go", Dua laments.

Matching the vintage feel to the track's sound, Dua showcased her exceptional fashion taste with eccentric and tailored skirt sets that channel the fashion of the '80s.

"I felt like a lot was riding on this second record and I didn't want to let the pressure get to me so I just wanted to make a record that made me want to dance and want to have fun and took my mind away from it".

She shares the latest single from the album ahead of its release, the ultra-catchy "Break My Heart", along with a stylish music video.

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