Britney Spears wants people to ‘strike’ and ‘redistribute wealth’

VALERIE MACON  AFP via Getty Images

VALERIE MACON AFP via Getty Images

Alongside the political message itself, which was not originally penned by the ...

During these times of isolation, plenty of us, celebrities alike, have been binging Netflix to pass the time, dipping into our hobbies, making coronababies, singing songs with our pals and trying our best to fight the boredom of physical distancing any way we can. Call your loved ones, write virtual letters. "We wil [sic] feed each other, re-destribute [sic] wealth, strike", the graphic text continued.

"We will learn to kiss and hold each other through the waves of the web", it reads. Communion moves beyond walls.

Whether or not you're a politics geek (Britney doesn't usually shows this side of her either), her Instagram post outlined values of the likes of historical socialist figures such as Karl Marx, who believe that the wealth gap should be closed, and everyone should be living pretty much equally, regardless of what they've done.

Spears captioned the post with "Communion goes beyond walls" along with three red rose emojis, which has frequently been used as a symbol of Democratic Socialists. "We can still be together".

Spears does not control her own fortune or business decisions. "I'm happy my work moved [Spears] because she moved me a lot while I was growing up".

"I wasn't expecting comrade britney spears today, but this is welcome", another tweeted.

Within 24 hours of the post being shared, it went viral and "Comrade Britney" was born. "I'm watching the news late", actress Drew Barrymore said in a lengthy video posted from a bathroom last week, using the caption "One foot in front of the other".

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