California allocates $150M to buy trailers, lease rooms for homeless amid outbreak

Very light traffic is seen from the Red Line Train at San Francisco International Airport in San Francisco on Thursday. Minimal passenger traffic is arriving or departing SFO as the Bay Area starts a three-week shutdown because of Coronavirus

56% of Californians Expected to Get Coronavirus in Next 8 Weeks, Gavin Newsom Says

California has been among the states hit hardest by the coronavirus outbreak.

The governor said he had issued an executive order authorizing the distribution of an $100 million to cities and counties across California to blunt the impact of the respiratory illness on the homeless, and had acquired 1,300 trailers to use as temporary housing.

Stuart Malcolm, a doctor with the Haight Ashbury Free Clinic, speaks with homeless people about COVID-19 in the Haight Ashbury area of San Francisco on March 17, 2020.

Essential services such as pharmacies, gas stations, banks, laundromats and places offering food - such as grocery stores, food banks, farmers markets, convenience stores and eateries with takeout or delivery - are allowed to remain open.

Bars, nightclubs, theaters, gyms and convention centers have been ordered closed.

The governor said he hopes people will voluntarily obey the order to stay at home if possible, saying, "There's a social contract here".

California, which has a population of around 40 million, appears to be the first state to order restrictions statewide.

Earlier in the day, it was stated in a letter to President Donald Trump, Newsom warned the president that roughly 56% of the California population will be infected with the virus over an 8-week period. "We need to meet this moment and flatten the curve together". "But there is a subset that we're concerned about" who will be more seriously affected.

As of Thursday evening, the state had seen 952 confirmed cases and 18 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins figures.

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