Coronavirus outbreak: A little upset with China, says Donald Trump

President Donald Trump speaks alongside Vice President Mike Pence during a coronavirus task force briefing at the White House Sunday in Washington

Trump says U.S. must "totally protect" Asian Americans from coronavirus blame

Cui Tiankai said the United States and China needed to work together to combat the virus and he hoped people would follow World Health Organisation rules and avoid creating a stigma by linking the virus to a particular location. Earlier, Trump had criticised China saying the world is paying a "very big price" for covering-up the facts on coronavirus. They are fantastic people, and the spread of the virus ... He added that China's claim that the United States military gave the virus to them creates stigma. During a press briefing along with the members of White House Coronavirus Task Force, Trump said that if the threats of the virus would have been made public at an earlier stage, the virus could have been contained to the area where it started.

United States lawmaker Judy Chu, a California Democrat and chairwoman of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus, told NBC News that his comments would not "be necessary if he and his supporters had not already endangered so many by spreading this toxic xenophobia".

"People are blaming China and they are making statements to great American citizens that happen to be of Asian heritage, and I'm not going to let that happen".

Other experts and officials, including Chu's caucus, say use of the term has already resulted in a slew of attacks related to misinformation around the virus.

By talking about the Covid-19 he referred to the virus as the "Chinese virus" which was found to be inappropriate by the Chinese authorities.

Trump said that Chinese authorities did not announce the key information about the Covid-19 on time.

China reacted strongly when Trump first used the "Chinese virus" label in his Twitter post last week.

"I encourage the president to listen to his own tweet and shift away from xenophobia and stop calling it the 'Chinese virus, '" she said.

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