District moves to distance learning

Students are set to work from home for a while

Students are set to work from home for a while

Rivera said school closings could extend beyond the latest shutdown order, should Department of Health data indicate that is necessary.

Other districts, including Derry Township, have announced plans to resume "instructional days", starting March 30, which means their teachers will cover new academic material and try to complete coursework remotely.

Enrichment learning - which is a combination of creative activities that our staff develop, as well as online resources they provide, which may not be as closely aligned to the lessons of the week, but enrich the essential learning.

Rivera said his office also is working with the governor and General Assembly to identify other existing money that could help districts provide additional technical devices to students and generally assist with the sudden transition to distance learning.

School District 43 has already informed parents that instruction may not start on March 30 because of time needed for planning.

Neshoba Central Principal Tiffany Platt said her school was following a similar plan.

She said many teachers she had spoken to were opposed to closing schools.

Her fourth-, ninth- and 11th-grader have been sharing a laptop, but the family plans to get a second one and Crim said she was happy to have the packet of material to supplement their continued learning.

"While infection rates are low in schools, that's the best place for them to be", she said. "We have had no issues". Other school workers have chosen to drop off packets or clean the school.

"We've been using a board and flashcards", she said. The 6-year-old, Josue, has used S-T Math and ABC Mouse online, as well as crafts his soldier mom has come up with for him. "She is keeping us up to date".

This is pushing districts to create opportunities for students to finish out the school-year at home.

At Wheeling Central Catholic High School, students also are continuing their education through online learning, according to Principal Becky Sancomb. More than 2,000 Chromebooks were purchased so that students in grades 6-12 would each have their own to take home each night for lessons, and they have the ability through Schoology to communicate with their teacher. But at least one elementary school has already informed parents that teachers will be in school Tuesday, April 1.

His students' assignment is particularly relevant to the times - to document visually their time in quarantine.

While teachers naturally appreciate the value of continued learning, they also recognize the power of continued connection through voice and sight. Assuming children will not go back to school anytime soon, there should be particular interventions to benefit the most needy families. In addition, much of our adopted curriculum has a digital component that teachers and students can access. "They told me all about teeth they had lost since they saw me last, they showed me their pets, and showed me forts they had built at home". "I'm anxious that we're going to see students come back in a deeper hole than they're already in", he said, citing the greater internal motivation required to succeed in remote learning. "We played Simon Says and danced to our favorite classroom songs". "We are staying in touch".

Elizabeth Hofreuter, head of school at Wheeling Country Day School, conducts a sixth-grade language arts class online. We are not going to launch remote learning until we have defined all expectations for instruction for teachers and learning for students. "It was great seeing some of my students and being able to answer the questions my parents had regarding their child's learning".

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