Divisions among Hong Kong expats over virus response

Hong Kong to ban alcohol sales at restaurants

Hong Kong bans all non-residents from entering the city

On Monday chief executive Carrie Lam announced a raft of measures created to stop the upward trend.

"People are getting, in my opinion, overzealous, I think", said Kate Mercurio, 40, a New Zealander who has lived in Hong Kong for more than a decade and returned from a trip to Doha shortly before her adopted hometown ordered all new arrivals to self-quarantine for two weeks.

The city's airport - the world's eighth busiest - would also bar all transit passengers, Mrs Lam added.

Additionally, the government has proposed amending laws to prohibit 8,600 restaurants and bars with alcohol licenses from selling alcohol in an effort to promote social distancing, she said.

'These expats made a decision to run when they didn't like what was going on in Hong Kong, and then when it ends up in their countries they run back again, ' he said.

Fears have spread of a second wave of coronavirus cases in Hong Kong as the region is criticised for letting its guard down too early. "But in bars, people sometimes get intimate after drinking, and this will raise the risk of cross-infection".

Supermarkets and alcohol retailers are not covered by the rule.

Last week, Macau banned all foreign travellers from entering the city, as well as non-resident workers from overseas countries, but residents of mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan were exempted from the ban.

But there has also been some anger directed at the drinking habits of some Western white-collar workers as numerous city's inhabitants isolate themselves.

Last week, a slew of infections was found among patients who had all been out in Lan Kwai Fong, the city's most famous nightclub street.

This ban on foreign arrivals will last for 14 days according to the report.

Hong Kong reported 39 new cases Monday, bringing the city's total to 356 cases.

"It's a disaster for us, we are just casual working people", Romano, a 30-year-old bar worker from the Philippines, told AFP.

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