Dr. Anthony Fauci, Stephen Curry Discuss Coronavirus on Instagram

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The question-and-answer session lasted nearly 30 minutes and averaged close to 50,000 viewers, including former President Barack Obama, on Instagram Live. "The United States is a big country, we have so many different regions, like New York City right now is having a awful time, and yet there are places in the country that are doing really quite well". In these uncertain times across the world, Curry hopes to help bring a greater awareness and empower a sense of personal responsibility to the generation that has the most power to flatten the curve: Gen Z.

'Which means you can then safely go out into the community and feel immune so that you cannot only protect yourself and get back to work, get back to your job, but you'll be able to have what's referred to as herd immunity, ' he continued. "And I think there are places in the country now where you can look at carefully and say maybe you want to pull back a little bit on restrictions so as long as you don't let it rip and say 'I don't care what happens'".

Fauci explained that while only a "very, very small minority" of young people could become seriously ill with coronavirus, there is still serious risks involved on top of the likelihood of spreading it to older people who ware more susceptible to the infection. One, you need to protect yourself because you're not completely exempt from serious illness. "Get instructions from them on what to do", Fauci said. "We are not overreacting".

Ayesha Curry was live on Instagram when she asked out loud 'Does pineapple go on pizza?' Steph Curry settled the debate while he was off-camera, confirming that he does not prefer the combination. The conversation started a few minutes late after Curry was inundated with requests after opening up the chat.

Former Warriors teammates Andre Iguodala and Leandro Barbosa also watched the discussion, as did pop star Justin Bieber.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, a leading member of the coronavirus task force, has been omnipresent over the past several weeks on media outlets far and wide in an effort to get the word out about the White House's social distancing initiatives. "I think we all can take some of this information that we're going to hear, pass it on to our inner-circles".

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