Evangeline Lilly 'values freedom over her life', refuses to self-isolate

Evangeline Lilly

Evangeline Lilly

The Canadian actress isn't taking this coronavirus thing too seriously, apparently, because judging by her own comments and words it sounds like she's not interested at all in social distancing. Later in the same comment thread, she admitted that she herself is "immune compromised at the moment", and that her own father is now suffering from stage four leukemia. The actress said in her post that she'd taken her children to gymnastics camp and they all washed their hands.

"I am also [immunocompromised] at the moment", she wrote. Some people value their lives over freedom, some people value freedom over their lives. "We all make our choices", she said.

When commenters called her out for treating the world as if it really is #businessasusual, Lilly replied with some of the most asinine comments we've heard about the world's current situation since the last time we checked O.J. In response to the comment, she reduced the severity of the virus by calling it nothing but a "respiratory flu" and compared the worldwide response to the pandemic to "Marshall Law". "It's unnerving ... Let's be vigilant right now". She asked everyone to be "watchful and gracious" and make sure that our leaders "don't abuse this moment to steal away more freedoms and grab more power".

Lilly made a decision to cement the absurdity of her outlook by warning her followers that the coronavirus epidemic could be a conspiracy due to its proximity to the 2020 election. And she even appeared to float a conspiracy theory surrounding the coronavirus by writing "there's "something" every election year" in response to a user who claimed that "every few years some disease come out quick then disappears as quick as it came", apparently baselessly implying the pandemic is a hoax.

The actress' anti-isolation attitude comes after she revealed she felt "alone and unseen" for the past year.

She responded to one concerned fan and noted that she's living with her sick father, but is choosing to value her freedom to live her life above all else.

Lilly may be anti-isolation for mental health reasons, and as someone who is now really, really struggling within her four walls, I certainly get it, but that's not an excuse.

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