Feverish fans fuelled virus at Italy Champions League match

Atalanta vs Valencia CL Clash Was A ‘Biological Bomb’ And ‘Infected 40,000 Fans’ With Coronavirus


Bergamo and the Lombardy region in the north of Italy have been badly hit with 6.000 positive cases and over 500 deaths as a result of Covid-19. In a heartfelt message, Gori was quoted as saying "We were mid-February so we didn't have the circumstances of what was happening. Nobody knew the virus was already right here", the mayor added.

At about the same time in Valencia, a journalist who traveled to the match became the second person infected in the region, and it didn't take long before people who were in contact with him also had the virus, as did Valencia fans who were at the game.

Atlanta won the heenwedstrijd against Valencia, 4-1, and prevailed later in the line, an empty Mestalla, with a 3-4, so they will be put up for the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

Their fans would have travelled back to Bergamo from Milan before celebrating their side's impressive 4-1 win with other supporters back home.

"It's clear that evening was a situation in which the virus was widely spread", he added.

Italy has had the most deaths of any country despite the pandemic starting in Wuhan, China.

Footage circulated last week of the Italian government sending in military vehicles to collect the coffins of victims in Bergamo as there was nowhere to host them due to the backlog in the crematorium.

A local doctor in Bergamo echoed the mayor's thoughts by pinning blame on the Champions League fixture for spreading the virus. "A biological bomb, unfortunately".

'What happened was that 40,000 Atalanta fans travelled down together, went and celebrated before and afterwards and returned home.

Spain is the next country in Europe with the most cases, almost 48,000, and it has surpassed China in the number of deaths with more than 3,400.

'What the scientists believe is that an bad lot of those people were carriers, they went to that match and brought it home. "A lot of people live with older relatives and they gave it to them; they subsequently have died".

In this Context, it was Tuesday, well-known Marco Sportiello is the first player from the club who are infected with the feline corona virus.

On the other hand, A statement from Valencia on 16 March confirmed 35% of their squad had tested positive and also mentioned having to play on February 19.in an 'area confirmed high risk by the Italian authorities days later'.

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