How to perform the Animal Crossing: New Horizons infinite item duplication glitch

Animal Crossing is reportedly the biggest Switch launch ever in Japan

Animal Crossing New Horizons Doing Very Well In UK

Not the least of which is that this is truly the first major launch of a title on Nintendo Switch this year, and adding to that, as of December 2019, Animal Crossing New Leaf (the previous main entry in the franchise on the 3DS) had sold over 12 million copies. At one point, Defoe's character tells Pattinson's that it is "bad luck to kill a seabird", and now Animal Crossing fans are staging that moment within New Horizons.

The mobile happy home simulator has also seen downloads rise by close to 150 per cent, leaping from 520,000 downloads in February 2020 to 1.3 million as of March 21st 2020.

Retail group Geo claims that Animal Crossing stock is virtually sold out in the region. In the United Kingdom, it's been reported that the games' launch has done 3.5 times BETTER than Animal Crossing New Leaf.

Animal Crossing memes explore the breadth of content and comedy from the latest edition of the Nintendo video game.

But for now it's safe to say that Animal Crossing is a whole new best in terms of sales, and it's the ideal game for an otherwise imperfect time.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons producer Hisashi Nogami and director Aya Kyogoku hope that players will use the game as an "escape" from stressful situations in their real lives (via The Verge).

"Whatever your optimistic sales expectations for Animal Crossing New Horizons launch sales were, I can already tell you it's too low", wrote analyst Benji Sales.

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