Italian priest dies of coronavirus after giving respirator to younger patient

Fr. Giuseppe Berardelli

Fr. Giuseppe Berardelli

"In reality, said Giuseppe Foresti, sacristan of Berardelli's parish of St. John the Baptist in Casnigo, about 15 miles from Bergamo in northern Italy, the elderly priest simply couldn't tolerate the ventilator, in part because of preexisting health conditions, and refused to use it".

At least 50 priests have reportedly been killed by coronavirus in Italy.

Don Giuseppe Berardelli gave up a respirator that parishioners had purchased for him in the weeks leading up to his death, according to Italian publication TgCom24.

James Martin, American priest and editor-in-chief of America magazine, a Jesuit journal of faith and culture, called Berardelli "a martyr of charity".

Praising him on Twitter, Martin wrote: "Greater love has no person..." Numerous priests who died were from the city of Bergamo.

Don Giuseppe Berardelli was not a funeral, because conditions are as they are in Italy.

She added, "He does not leave us alone, from up there he watches over us and continues to run through the clouds with his motorcycle, who knows how many projects he is doing up there, also for us".

An Italian priest made the ultimate sacrifice, hoping to save the life of someone younger than him in a battle with the novel coronavirus.

The 72-year-old priest was described as a cheerful person with a lot of enthusiasm.

Berardelli already had health problems before he tested positive for COVID-19, according to Araberara, an Italian newspaper.

'It is a tough trial.

It was also said 17 more from the area had been taken to hospital with two in intensive care after being diagnosed with the deadly COVID-19. He was a priest in a small village northeast of Milan. Sixteen of them are within the province of Bergamo, which has been harshly hit by the illness. 'Sometimes it happens [to them] out of pastoral zeal.

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