Joe Biden: 'I Will Pick a Woman to Be My Vice President'

Former Vice President Joe Biden participates in a Democratic presidential primary debate at CNN Studios in Washington Sunday

Floridians choose between Biden, Sanders amid outbreak fears | The Sacramento Bee

Gone are huge public rallies with thousands of people, a time-honored staple of the USA political scene.

Three states - Arizona, Illinois and Florida - are scheduled to hold primaries on Tuesday, while OH is set to cancel its primary owing to the coronavirus.

Ultimately, the president said, "I think postponing is unnecessary".

"Don't forget to vote!" said Young's wife, actress Daryl Hannah.

Former Vice President Joe Biden, left, and Sen.

There was better news for Sanders on Thursday, when NBC News projected that he'd won delegate-rich California, which has 415 delegates at stake.

"Supervisors of elections are taking precautions at their polling locations to ensure their voters remain safe throughout the day tomorrow", Florida Secretary of State Laurel Lee said Monday.

What they're saying: "What became even more apparent yesterday is that while we are now losing the delegate count - approximately 800 delegates for Joe Biden and 660 for us - we are strongly winning in two enormously important areas which will determine the future of our country", Sanders said at a press conference Wednesday, prior to Biden's projected win in Washington. As Politico noted, Biden's announcement of a woman vice president "is historically unprecedented: No major candidate has ever made such a pledge based on demographic characteristics ..." In 2016, he won more than two-thirds of the delegates from the Washington caucuses over Hillary Clinton.

Symone Sanders, a senior adviser, said that Biden's main qualifications for his vice-presidential running mate are for someone who is simpatico with him, as well as someone that he works along with well.

Both Biden and Sanders attacked Trump's handling of the coronavirus pandemic in the US, with Sanders accusing him of "undermining scientists" and Biden faulting the administration for refusing in the early stages of the crisis to import test kits from other countries when the USA had the opportunity to do so.

"We are going to overcome this coronavirus", he said. "Please, please take care of yourselves". "It would be paid for by the USA taxpayers".

Democrats are in the midst of choosing a nominee who will challenge Republican President Donald Trump in November's election, but doubts and concerns have undercut the process.

Neither Biden nor Sanders returned to the question of a death toll in the millions, nor did their media questioners ask them to do so, or ask how such a catastrophe could be avoided.

Sanders argued that his plan for a government takeover of health care in the US - he calls it Medicare for All - was a moral imperative so that "everyone will get the care they need".

"People are looking for results, not a revolution", Biden said during Sunday's debate, referring to Sanders' call for radical socio-economic change.

Biden has hammered Sanders' so-called Medicare for All plan as unrealistic given today's political divisions, adding Sanders has yet to explain how he would pay for such a costly reshaping of the economy. Biden has large leads in the polls in all four states, although it was unclear who would actually turn out to vote under conditions of the coronavirus crisis. For me, it's not just nominating a woman, it is making sure that we have a progressive woman and there are progressive women out there.

Sanders also criticized Biden's support of the 2003 US invasion of Iraq, which Biden now admits was a mistake.

"No, I did not", Biden responded sharply. But the spread of the deadly coronavirus forced the two longtime politicians into CNN's Washington studio and there was no audience, in an effort to limit the possibility of exposing even more people to the virus.

Biden also upset Sanders in the March 10 contest in MI, another state Sanders won in 2016.

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