Microsoft will temporarily discontinue nonessential updates for Windows starting in May

Microsoft will temporarily discontinue nonessential updates for Windows starting in May

Microsoft halting less important Windows updates: Here's why

The latest Windows 10 preview for Build 19592 (set for release in the second half of 2020) is now available for fast ring testers.

The other major change with build 19592 is that Windows 10 search is being graced with improved logic so it can more intelligently determine when to perform the indexing of your files.

So these are all measures which are about tweaking the available desktop space, and making sure that various icons are well-spaced for touch usage, as well as ensuring that the virtual keyboard is far more accessible with the new tablet experience.

Windows has a history of being amply configurable so you shouldn't worry that the new 2-in-1 mode will encroach upon a way of working your might be particularly fond of as things stand. Microsoft allows users thus to change settings about this kind of experience in Settings System.

While on the topic of Windows, it is worth mentioning that Microsoft has just patched a bug which would cause malware scans to stall or be interrupted.

AdDuplex also noted that the share of nearly all the versions of Windows 10 have shot up, probably "due to the fact that people in self-isolation are using unusual PCs that weren't kept up to date".

Not to be confused with Tablet Mode, which has generated more than its share of family and friend support calls to your hardworking vultures, the new experience is aimed at users entering "tablet posture" while still sticking with the familiar desktop.

The new tablet mode ditches the tiled tablet interface in favor of the traditional desktop experience but with a few key changes. Furthermore, the search box on the taskbar will be collapsed into an icon-only mode. One of my biggest complaints with Windows 10 is that flipping between the modes can feel jarring, and you don't always know how to pick up where you left off.

The new tablet experience is being slowly rolled out to testers starting with those who own convertibles and detachables but never use tablet mode.

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