Scott Boras proposes 162-game season, Christmastime World Series

Opening Day

MLB Network to Air 30 Classic Opening Day Games on Thursday 3 Rob Carr Getty Images Dylan Gwinn25 Mar 2020

Boras' pitch for the postseason, which would not include any days off, would mean wild-card games would be held December 3, with all division series being played between December 5-9. Others are encouraging more spring training time for players to prepare for the season. According to Boras, contingencies and obstacles have been examined, including moving playoff games and the World Series to warm-weather, neutral sites or domed stadiums. Furthermore it is not fair for Twins and Indians fans to not have the opportunity to see their respective teams play the World Series up close rather than a neutral site.

Boras has always been a proponent of playing the World Series - or, at least, the first two games of it - at a neutral site to give fans and corporate sponsors months in advance to plan travel to and purchase tickets for games, turning baseball's signature event into a multiple-day happening like the Super Bowl or All-Star game.

There would be no days off during the postseason, and the games would take place in Anaheim, Arizona, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Milwaukee, San Diego, Seattle, and Toronto, as well as St. Petersburg, Florida, and Arlington, Texas. "We're just trying to let (MLB) know we have the ability to do it, that there's a logical way to do it". He wants all of his players to have a chance to play a complete season, so they do not have any loss of income.

"I think having a planned World Series at a designated site would be a tremendous economic gain for our industry". MLB Network will air 30 memorable Opening Day games, one for each team in the league. Boras' June 1 proposal would involve playing all 162 games, but if the season started July 1, he would trim it down to a 144-game season.

But with the start of the season indefinitely delayed, fans are left to search for placeholders in lieu of the excitement and pageantry that comes with beginning another year.

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