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Aarogya Setu is not suitable with the new contact tracing conventional developed collectively by Apple and alsoGoogle India's COVID-19 contact tracing application Aarogya Setu has actually been signed up over 10 crore times, however several of its functions imply that it might not deal with Google and also Apple's personal privacy protecting option to quit the spread of coronavirus.

The digital system can also make it simple to track contact with strangers as digital contact tracing does not rely on a person's memory.

The state told WAAY31 it began considering using technology to help trace the coronaviurs because they now have about 130 contact tracers who are tracing on top of their other work duties at the department of public health. "What we've built is not an app-rather public health agencies will incorporate the API into their own apps that people install".

Now, both companies have released public software updates to introduce their latest project, the Exposure Notification System. Google and Apple made sure that even when individuals are traveling across countries, the system still works despite the different apps offered in different countries. If a user or contact is confirmed to be positive, it will send notifications to everybody on that list, advising them to self-isolate.

Public health officials can now contact exposed individuals directly and provide them with the safety measures they should take based on the voluntarily submitted user data they have provided. Instead, it is created to supplement and enhance them. Apple and Google have assured that privacy is an utmost consideration by making various improvements during the API's development.

A spokesperson from the Ministry for Government Services told ChannelNews: "The DTA and the Department of Health have been working with Apple and Google to understand and test the Exposure Notification Framework since it was released to see how it can be applied in Australia".

Apple and Google have banned authorities using their technology from collecting Global Positioning System location data or requiring users to enter personal data.

Additionally, it is up to anyone who tests positive for COVID-19 to report that information in their country's public health app.

The app can't be used for commercial purposes and only one app per country is permitted to ensure that there is no competition involved.

"User adoption is key to success, and we believe that these strong privacy protections are also the best way to encourage use of these apps", Apple and Google said in a statement.

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