Earth’s Magnetic Field Is Weakening - Here’s The Immediate Effect

Ученые В магнитном поле Земли возникла аномалия

Earth’s magnetic field weakens, impacting satellites and spacecraft: report

One speculation is that the weakening of the field is a sign that the Earth is heading for a pole reversal - in which the north and south magnetic poles flip.

"The mystery of the origin of the South Atlantic Anomaly has yet to be solved", the agency said.

Swarm satellites are created to identify and precisely measure the different magnetic signals that make up Earth's magnetic field.

For years, the weakened field has been on the experts' radar - they know it has lost nine percent of its intensity over the past 200 years. It appears that the location of the north magnetic pole is determined by the balancing act of two massive magnetic regions plunging into the Earth right next to each other. In the last 50 years, this sector has seen a rapid decline in a large part.

European Space Agency (ESA) scientists from the Swarm Data, Innovation and Science Cluster (DISC) are using data from ESA's Swarm satellite constellation to study the anomaly.

Researchers have found that the Earth's magnetic field is becoming weaker between Africa and South America, which is causing trouble for satellites and space craft according to the Independent.

However, the team found that a center of limited strength has developed southwest of Africa in just the last five years. Moving electric charges generate an electric current, and any little changes in that electric current amplify, folding over on themselves and generating a magnetic field - one of the strongest magnetic fields in the solar system, capable of puncturing the surface of the Earth itself and extending thousands of miles into space. Researchers believe that this may mean that the anomaly may divide into two different cells.

The weakening of the magnetic field is also causing technical difficulties for the satellites and spacecrafts orbiting the planet.

Researchers say Earth's South Atlantic Anomaly doesn't have enough direct proof of magnetism in Earth's past. "The challenge now is to understand the processes in Earth's core driving theses changes".

And when this happens, multiple magnetic poles from north and south are popping up around the Earth.

This is definitely not the first time that pole reversal will be happening on the Earth.

"Such events have occurred many times throughout the planet's history", said ESA, noting "we are long overdue by the average rate at which these reversals take place (roughly every 250,000 years)".

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