Gov. DeSantis: State-issued restrictions lifted on all youth activities in Florida

Gov. Ron De Santis gives the go-ahead to re-open summer camps and youth activities

Vice President Mike Pence to Discuss Theme Park Reopening Plans in Orlando on Wednesday

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"Anytime anything moves up, it's been either a long-term care facility, which isn't the worst thing in the world because we're offensively going in and testing people that aren't even symptomatic", Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said in Jacksonville Friday.

Speaking to the press on Wednesday, DeSantis said Florida has the "absolute best data" when it comes to coronavirus and anything saying otherwise is simply "typical, partisan narrative trying to be spun".

With theme parks in Florida given the green light to submit reopening plans for approval by local county mayors, it seems some larger players are stepping in on May 20, coincidentally the day that Disney Springs begins its phased reopening. "They've got, like 5,000-plus fatalities".

The governor also emphasized that no kids have died from COVID-19 and no one under age 25 has died.

"This virus has a disproportionate impact on the elderly", DeSantis said.

"And the difference is - when you send the COVID-positive patient back to the nursing home, it spreads in the nursing home to the most vulnerable people in our society - massive infections, obviously huge numbers of fatalities", he said. An analysis of the state's most current data shows Florida has had roughly 2,100 deaths related to Covid-19 so far, far fewer than NY. "Well, hell we're eight weeks away from that and it hasn't happened".

"We were the hot spot".

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