Instagram Gets Messenger Rooms Integration to Enable Group Video Chats

Facebook Incorporates Messenger Safeguard to Protect Users From Scammers, Fake Accounts -

Facebook, Instagram Launch 'Rooms' For Video Conferencing

Facebook has announced a new feature on their messenger app created to protect users from scammers.

The social media app scans accounts for any suspicious activity and will pick up anomalies such as sending out many friend requests within a short time span or sending out many messenger requests to users under the age of 18. The feature arrives amid a notable uptick in false friend requests caused by a change to the service's search algorithm.

If suspicious activity is detected, the app will pop up a chat window noting the issue, along with options for blocking or ignoring the user.

Instagram didn't comment on the rollout timeframe for the new feature, and we can confirm it doesn't look to be available in the United Kingdom just yet, so keep your eyes peeled for a potential update or a server-side change to the app.

The feature aims to both cut down on scammers and users posing as other people, along with helping to protect minors from bad actors. From there, users can invite their followers or who they follow on that platform.

As we reported a week ago, Facebook launched Messenger Rooms globally amid the video calling app boom, which first started after the COVID-19 pandemic forced people to remain in their homes and rely on the internet, in order to continue their education and work.

As you'll have noticed, this method takes you out of Instagram, so you'll need Facebook Messenger installed on your phone.

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