Miley Cyrus Dances in a Bikini to Sister Noah Cyrus’ New Song

Miley Cyrus

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Using the leisure time during the coronavirus induced lockdown, singer Miley Cyrus has transformed her look with a new hairstyle. In the picture that she posted, the 27-year-old musician is seen rocking the pixie mullet cut.

"They were already so bad to me on the internet about the way I looked and the way that I grew up".

The Bright Minded host has been owning her shaggy "modern mullet" for months, and Sally was actually the one who helped her achieve the style in the first place.

Miley Cyrus
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Hershberger described the coif as 'an ongoing creative haircut, ' adding that the superstar songstress was pleased with the results. To make sure they didn't mess up, they reached out to Cyrus's hairstylist Sally Hershberger to walk Tish through the haircut over FaceTime. One could also call it a bowl cut-mullet hybrid, but the bottom line is the same: Miley's new hair transformation is so unique, so her, and should only be done under the guidance of a professional.

Hershberger, who owns salons in both New York City and Los Angeles, said she mimicked the motions necessary in the procedure to give Tish and others a clear model to pattern themselves after. "Instead of just telling them the step-by-step instructions, I physically do the cut with them".

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