NASA finds evidence of parallel universe where time runs backward

NASA Scientists Detect Parallel Universe Where Time Runs Backward

NASA finds evidence of parallel universe where time runs backward

According to the theory, the scientists using ANITA discovered some odd particles which appeared to come from this supposed parallel universe where time runs backwards. The aforementioned high-energy particles were originally thought to be falling, although scientists have now discovered that this is not the case at all.

A NASA team was using a giant balloon to carry electronic antennas into the sky above the frozen wastes of Antarctica when they encountered a "wind" of particles from outer space that were "a million times more powerful" than anything they had seen before, the news outlet reported.

During the balloon's third flight, the scientists chose to revisit the data from the previous flights.

That means the high-energy particles can only be detected coming "down" from space, but the team's ANITA detected heavier particles, so-called tau neutrinos, which come "up" out of the Earth.

Even though scientists have been unable to determine the source, there is no evidence to suggest the presence of a "parallel universe" - let alone one where time runs backwards. It is believed these particles are from a parallel universe that was born during the same Big Bang that created the universe we live in now.

The existence of Parallel universes It is something that is not limited to science fiction and for years scientists have studied theories that speak of this possibility.

"What we saw is something that looked just like a cosmic ray, as seen a reflection off the ice sheet but it wasn't reflected. So we published a paper on that, we just suggested that this was in pretty strong tension with the standard model of physics." . Gorham stated: "Not everyone was comfortable with the hypothesis".

And if there are any inhabitants of a possible parallel universe, they'd consider this universe the backward one. The article lacked details on the experiment and the claim on parallel universes existing.

The subject of Parallel Universes has been treated in plenty of SF movies and TV shows, but only in the recent several years it has been taking seriously by the scientific community. The newly discovered universe would supposedly be made up of antimatter and, as a direct mirror of our own world, everything on it would be the opposite of what we're accustomed to: positive is negative, left is right and time runs backwards.

Others say that if the ANITA team's findings aren't the result of a freaky experimental error, the implications are incredible.

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