PS5 Games Will be Announced Soon, Says Sony

Sony could reveal its roster of next-gen PS5 games in June

Sony to reveal "compelling PS5 games lineup" soon - MSPoweruser

We have already seen this with the console's new controller - which was revealed through the PlayStation Blog. There has been speculation about a PS5 event taking place in June, and some have taken this statement to support that, although Sony has made no further comment.

This tracks with previous reports from publications who claimed the event would be held in late May, though acknowledged there was the chance it could be pushed back to June.

In particular, Sony seems intent on cutting down on the number of third-party games not running on PlayStation 5.

As such, the Japanese gaming giant allegedly intends to limit the number of showcase titles that feature footage not captured directly on a PS5.

PlayStation 5 Game Console Concept
PlayStation 5 Game Console Concept

While it's unknown how shifting the date could affect Sony's plans, the developer reportedly meant to put together a roster of both first-party and third-party next-gen games for the original schedule.

Including with the plans to give us a look at its upcoming games, the company announced Sony Interactive Entertainment President and CEO Jim Ryan will now Senior Executive Vice President of Sony Corp. Even if you didn't understand exactly what tech was being used to make it happen (which I didn't) you could still appreciate the beauty of it. Its unique SSD will allow for speedy loading times and larger worlds, and its graphics chip will help power visually stunning engines like the Unreal Engine 5.

Microsoft has been the most forthcoming of the three, announcing monthly Xbox 20/20 episodes to showcase the upcoming next-gen Xbox Series X, but even then, we're left in the dark when it comes to firm dates. He added that it's "really exciting to be seeing the console market push forward the high-end PC market in this way".

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