Serious Sam 4 launches in August for PC, Stadia

Serious Sam 4 threatens to put 100,000 enemies on your screen at once

Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass Can Generate Over 10,000 Enemies, Headed to PC, Stadia

Rodriguez, Jones, Hellfire and the rest of the crew are joining Sam in this epic journey through Planet Badass.

Serious Sam 4 has been baking in Croteam's oven for quite some time now.

"This is one of the systems we actually developed for Serious Sam 4", he explains. Graphics engineer Dean Sekulic mentioned that the team was originally hoping for about 10,000 enemies to appear on the screen, but they were pleasantly surprised when they were able to increase it a magnitude more.

The game is now available for pre-order on Steam in standard and deluxe editions, but will also be launching alongside Google Stadia this August. It looks to be a natural way to escalate the scale of Serious Sam without losing that core fast-action shooting. After further inquiry, Kotaku received confirmation that Serious Sam 4 would come to PS4 next year. Monkey bars and glory kills are fine, but sometimes you just want to hold down the trigger and yell.

The first-person shooter returns with protagonist Sam "Serious" Stone defending humanity against alien invaders using a variety of upgradable weapons such as a double-barreled shotgun, minigun, chainsaw launcher, cannon, and the new auto shotgun. More information about the title can be found at the official site, including info on how you can get previous games in the series at big discounts.

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