Twitter has Fix for Unwanted Tweet Replies

Twitter test lets users limit who can reply to their tweets

Twitter has Fix for Unwanted Tweet Replies

A limited array of Twitter users are being given access to an experimental new feature on the platform which allows people to silence critics, trolls and fact-checkers alike by choosing who can and cannot reply to their tweets. The new element presents three options for who can reply to a tweet before you publish it: everyone, people you follow, only people you mention.

To use the feature, Compose your tweet and mention the people you want to talk to, then tap on the permission stings at the bottom left side. We're excited to see what you do!

Honestly, I'm just happy if anyone interacts with my tweets - even a bot.

But Twitter also said the feature could be used for more positive reasons, like sparking a private conversation that could still be visible to everyone else. "Replies and Retweets of your Tweet will inherit the restrictions you placed on the root Tweet, but Retweets with Comments will not inherit your restrictions", it added. This will be very useful to users of the platform when they do want their tweets to seen by the world but don't want unnecessary replies.

You can pick from - "everyone", "only people you follow" and "only people you mention".

"This is basically allowing people to spread misinformations and hide the truth without the fear of someone correcting them", one user tweeted regarding Wednesday's test announcement. It's unclear why Twitter isn't ready to roll out the feature to all users right now. The function is still in the testing phase and is only available to only a few people globally. They can view, like and retweet the thing, but they won't be able to reply directly to the sender.

The new feature is now available to limited users globally as it is still being tested.

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