Watch Donald Glover Reunite With ‘Community’ Cast For Virtual Table Read

'Community' Cast Reunites on YouTube for Coronavirus Relief

Watch Donald Glover reunite with the 'Community' cast for a table read

Donald Glover has pitched his own plot for the prospective Community movie, as he started "writing the movie on the fly" during a virtual cast reunion earlier this week.

The table read served as a COVID-19 fundraiser, with fans encouraged to donate to charities including World Central Kitchen and Frontline Foods, who are both distributing food to frontline workers and those in need, as well as supporting local restaurants.

"I think we were lucky to realize that it was special while we were doing it, which you don't always know it's the good times when the good times are happening", said Jacobs, who played Britta.

Donald Glover, one of the former stars of Community, has an idea for how a potential movie would work.

'Community' Cast Reunites on YouTube for Coronavirus Relief

Pudi agreed, adding: "I love the idea of Troy getting lost and Abed's mission is to go find him, try to locate someone, it would be fun".

Community creator Dan Harmon joked: "It writes itself..." Pascal said. Watch the full script reading below. As Glover pointed out, "We can't make movies right now".

Following the recent resurgence of Community on Netflix, Harmon told The Wrap: "I can say that there are conversations happening that people would want to be happening". Questions and answers followed, as well as an even looser cast chat, which Ken Jeong and Joel McHale uploaded a couple of weeks ago to their YouTube channel The Darkest Timeline.

Perhaps, they're hoping that maximising a renewed interest in their beloved sitcom without mentioning the obvious is their best bet of seeing the "Six Seasons and a Movie" prophecy finally fulfilled.

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