Coronavirus: US officials warn 'this is just the beginning'

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Fauci Will Settle for 70 Percent Effective Coronavirus Vaccine but Warns it May Not Lead to Herd Immunity

Though he said he couldn't make an exact prediction without worrying that the totals would later be seen as either overblowing or lowballing it, he said that it'll be "very disturbing, I can guarantee you that".

Redfield singled out younger Americans in particular to convey a message that they are not exempt from the need to wear a mask.

And while Dr. Fauci is a supporter of certain so-called "reopening" pushes, he noted that we are now experiencing the fallout from not doing so in a more responsible and "measured" way.

Fauci spoke of the across-the-board importance of wearing masks. "History suggests "it takes a while to convince people" when a new vaccine reaches the public" and in that sense Fauci's concerns are "nothing new", he said.

Infections are rising rapidly mostly in parts of the West and South, and Fauci and other public health experts said Americans everywhere will have to start following key recommendations if they want to get back to more normal activities like going to school.

Pence and other top health officials were expected to visit Arizona and Florida later this week.

But Fauci said that doesn't mean we have to restrict everything, "because people are not going to tolerate that".

In May, the Department of Health and Human Services said it is partnering with drug maker AstraZeneca for at least 300 million doses of a coronavirus vaccine developed by the University of Oxford and is throwing $1.2 billion behind that effort.

"I feel very strongly we need to do whatever we can to get the children back to school".

Fauci said that he was optimistic that a vaccine could be available by year's end but that it was unclear how effective it would prove to be, adding that no vaccine would be 100% effective and citing challenges to achieve so-called herd immunity.

Redfield said there was "substantial disappointment" with the recent announcement that American Airlines plans to begin booking flights to full capacity. 'I can say this is under critical review right now by us at CDC.

Benjamin added that "antivax folks are actively discouraging people from getting the vaccine and I think everyone is anxious that we are not promoting vaccination enough".

Earlier this month, Fauci told the Journal of the American Medical Association there are four or five trials underway for vaccine candidates, and he expects the USA will have millions of doses of a vaccine by year's end.

Senators have been weighing another stimulus package in recent weeks as unemployment numbers remain worrisome and economic hardship stemming from the pandemic persists. But now there is general agreement that something must be done, something that was not always the case.

The increase is evident in more than half of the states in the nation. A second round of stimulus payments is on the negotiating table in Washington, but some of the 160 million Americans who raised money the first time may be left out, according to a more specific approach that the administration is pushing.

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