Florida Department of Health releases Saturday COVID-19 update

Several states have rolled back reopening plans as cases surge

Several states have rolled back reopening plans as cases surge

The state posted a record 8,942 new cases this morning, on top of a series of record setting days throughout the week.

DeSantis' handling of the coronavirus was once heralded, despite the fact that he closed the state later than most and opened it up earlier than others, drawing scorn from state and national leaders.

Miami-Dade County reported more than 1,300 new infections for a total of 31,562, and Broward County reported 726 new cases for a total of 14,046.

Nevada disclosed 1,099 cases, double its previous record, while SC and Georgia reported 1,604 and 1,990 new infections, respectively, also marking new daily highs.

Florida's Department of Health on Saturday confirmed 9,585 new cases of COVID-19, surpassing Friday's record-breaking 8,942 cases. The DOH COVID-19 dashboard is also providing updates once per day.

The announcement came as Texas continued a 15-day streak of record hospitalisations across the state for COVID-19, with more than 5,100 people being treated for the disease on Friday, according to the Texas Tribune.

Florida now has the sixth-highest number of COVID-19 cases in the country as recent surges pushed it far past MA, according to coronavirus tracking by Worldometer.

There are a total of 132,545 Florida cases*** with 3,390 deaths related to COVID-19.

People crowd a beach in Clearwater, Florida, U.S. March 17, 2020.

In a reversal of his early moves to relax restrictions, Texas Governor Greg Abbott on Friday ordered bars across the state to close and required restaurants to limit indoor seating capacity to 50%. Florida, another state that reopened its economy relatively quickly, told bar owners in the state to immediately stop serving alcohol on their premises.

ORLANDO, Fla. - Florida Governor Ron DeSantis says he will not make face masks mandatory statewide, despite the rise in coronavirus cases. And most of the new cases and hospitalizations have been younger patients and not as severely ill as they were during the first wave in April.

At a briefing on Friday, DeSantis blamed the spike in infections on young people interacting more in the last few weeks, adding that they faced a lower risk of dying than older people. The Florida Keys has had a total of 202 cases and 4 deaths.

Gov. DeSantis announced during the press conference that a COVID-19 antibodies test will be available. More than 2.5 million Americans now have tested positive. Of the total tested, 132,545 (about 7.24%) have tested positive.

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