Google’s Android TV "Sabrina" Release Date Approaching

Google releases Android 11 Developer Preview for Android TV, showing off their TV dongle in the process

Google Leaked its Own Android TV Dongle

Google has removed the "MUST" requirement for the new Device Control interface in the power menu, which means OEMs can choose to ignore it and ship their Android 11-based skins without this feature.

The rumored successor to the Chromecast Ultra looks imminent, now that it's been further teased in a developer preview for Android 11. The current version on all Android TVs right now is the 9 Pie which has been around for quite some time now.

As opposed to the standard Android 11 Developer Preview for telephones, there is not an straightforward way for standard customers to get their arms on this new TV application due to the fact it is only obtainable on an Android TV dev package.

On the other hand, it is comforting to know that Google is performing on Android TV 11. If you have ADT-3 already then you can enjoy the latest developer preview version, as I mentioned earlier. This suggests that Android TV 10 could finally be nearing launch, as Google steps up development and developer testing for the next version.

Besides this, a video clip showing Google's upcoming Android TV streaming dongle, the one codenamed Sabrina, has surfaced. We're also shown how this revamped Android TV will allow management of smart home devices like door cams. Not every feature you're hearing about will be available on every phone running Android 11. It may likewise offer Google a much better opportunity of competing against rival items like Amazon's Fire TV lineup.

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