Saharan dust plume to impact conditions in Kansas City over weekend

‘Conditions Are Dangerous’: Saharan Dust Cloud Blankets Caribbean, Heads Toward US - Videos

Saharan dust heading to Virginia later this week

Areas like the Caribbean and Puerto Rico have had low air quality the past few days, as dust has swept across the Atlantic.

What doesn't happen all the time, this dust reaching all the way into Wisconsin.

The dust cloud now cloaking the Caribbean and the southern United States is one of the largest in recent memory.

At the same time, these smaller dust storms were happening.

Another unique aspect of the dust cloud is that it can potentially keep tropical storms at bay. The impacts are lower and lower the farther west from Africa the dust cloud stretches, meaning the worst is already over, but it's still worth watching. This less dense air is then lifted up above the marine layer.

‘Conditions Are Dangerous’: Saharan Dust Cloud Blankets Caribbean, Heads Toward US - Videos

"It's certainly the most intense, large-scale dust event I have ever seen", Ryder said.

The sunsets along the mountain tops in The Tar Heel State are something you must see at least once in your life. A picture taken from the International Space Station shows the band of dust covering hundreds of miles over the Atlantic Ocean. Fantastic how large an area it covers! The National Weather Service in Houston said the cloud will bring stunning views when it moves through the area.

Every year, about 800 million tons of dust is picked up by the wind from deserts in North Africa and blown across the Atlantic Ocean, traveling to the Amazon River Basin in South America, beaches in the Caribbean and, in part, into the air in North and South America.

It's so large its been nicknamed the "Godzilla Dust Cloud".

While those with pre-existing conditions are most vulnerable to adverse health effects from the Saharan plume, airborne dust can also cause pulmonary disease or cause an inflammatory immune response when inhaled.

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