Amazon Prime Video Launches "Watch Party" Feature

The Windows 10 Amazon Prime Video app is now available to download and use

Amazon Prime Video "Watch Party" Feature Rolls Out In US

The platform has rolled out a new watch party feature that allows users to watch movies together online. The Watch Party feature can be launched via Prime Video, on desktop only, while choosing a title.

Amazon Prime Video announced that it has added a new social viewing experience for desktop users, where they can stream Prime Video titles with their friends.

We're not now getting back anytime soon, which explains why today is the time to get Amazon's Prime Video Watch Party.

Start watching and chatting!: Once everyone is ready, start your Watch Party.

The Windows 10 Amazon Prime Video app is now available to download and use

While it's not the Zoom-ified version of a watch along that we want - I have a horror movie group that would love it if Netflix could build video chat into its player - Watch Party seems pretty good, with one slight annoyance.

Thousands of shows including Fleabag, Homecoming and Hell's Kitchen, will be available to watch with the feature. Amazon implementing this officially for Prime members is a big deal, and it gives the company yet another means by which to entice people into joining Prime. You'll find it in the episode list for TV shows. The Amazon-native feature is only just beginning to roll-out, with the possibility of reaching more markets, and co-streaming more titles too in the near future. The entire series of Cheers is on Hulu, by the way. Interestingly, Plex's Watch Together has a few advantages here in that it's free for all to use (no subscription required) and it's available to use on the Plex apps for Android, iOS, Android TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Nvidia Shield TV, and Roku devices. So when my friend Kenneth needs to answer the door to get the delivery he ordered, he would need to tell the host that we need to pause the show in order for things to go seamlessly. Recipients who click on the hyperlink will then be part of the session and have the ability to chat with others.

Hulu is also now testing a similar feature on for its Hulu (No Ads) subscribers.

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