China imposes lockdown in Hebei province after new COVID-19 cluster emerges

China records more COVID-19 cases as another phase of outbreak continues

Beijing Issues Fresh Guidelines on COVID-19 Prevention

Only one person from each family will be allowed to go out once a day to purchase necessities such as food and medicine.

A rare thunderstorm with icy hails struck Beijing as the local weather authority issued a yellow warning for the adverse weather on June 25.

After China largely brought the virus under control, hundreds have been infected in Beijing and cases have emerged in neighboring Hebei Province in recent weeks.

No non-residents residents will be allowed to enter buildings, communities or villages.

Images taken by Beijing residents show the spiked pieces of ice - resembling the spherical virus particles - after they were rained down on the capital city Thursday during a freak summer thunderstorm.

The area is not almost as densely populated as China's large urban centres, and local health experts said they were optimistic the spread could be stopped.

China has reported 21 new coronavirus cases for June 27 as a new phase of the outbreak continues in Beijing. That compares with four cases a day earlier.

Beijing officials have also reclosed schools and locked down some neighborhoods. A massive wave of fresh testing was also rolled out.

What has come to be known as the second phase of COVID-19 in China has been reported to have begun in a food market in Beijing, China, with an estimated third of the positive cases being linked to a beef and mutton market.

Six months after the virus first emerged from China, the coronavirus has sickened over 10 million people and killed more than 500,000 and the pandemic is gaining new momentum in the Americas. On Sunday, June 28 the COVID-19 death toll surpassed half a million mark, while the global infections reached 10,145,900.

Meanwhile, South Korea reported 62 more cases, raising the total number of infections to 12,715, Xinhua reported. In Israel, the custom of washing the bodies of the Muslim deceased is not permitted, and instead of being shrouded in cloth, they must be wrapped in a plastic body bag. In Italy, Catholics have been buried without funerals or a blessing from a priest.

In Beijing, 14 new confirmed cases were reported, down from 17 a day earlier.

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