Comet Neowise appears in the night sky

Comet NEOWISE over Riverwalk Commons July 23. There is too much light pollution to see the tail. Greg King for NewmarketToday

CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Time-lapse of Neowise comet taken from Mississauga

If you haven't witnessed a once-in-a-lifetime astronomical event yet, you can head outside to catch a glimpse of it (but you better do it soon) or check out this time-lapse video.

According to the society, Neowise is an icy rock almost three miles in diameter that arrived at perihelion (reached the point of orbit closest to the sun) on July 3.

The video, which captures the Neowise comet, was taken in Mississauga. It will gradually fade as it recedes.Comets are frozen balls of dust and gas that orbit the sun.

Graphic courtesy of NASASpacePlace via Wikimedia Commons.

This photo of the comet Neowise was taken off Aldrich Road near Sycamore by Chris Johnson on July 16.

This graphic marks Comet NEOWISE's trajectory over the next few nights from the perspective of someone stargazing in the Northern Hemisphere.

"I tracked the comet using an app called SkySafari which shows the location of the comet".

The Comet Neowise appears once in 6,800 years and over a quarter-century later, earthlings are finally able to watch a comet with naked eyes. The three-mile wide comet has lit up the skies, wowing people across the globe since early July. The comet can be seen low in the northwest sky after dark, immediately below the bowl of the Big Dipper.

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