Coronavirus: What are Leicester's new lockdown restrictions?

Britain imposes local lockdown in city of Leicester after Covid-19 flare-up

Matt Hancock: ‘My heart goes out to the people of Leicester’

It is day two of the UK's first local lockdown in Leicester, with leading doctors urging the government to give councils accurate and up-to-date data to manage localised spikes, 101 days after the national lockdown.

Hancock says Leicester's infection rate is 3x higher than the next highest city in the United Kingdom, and although the government had tried "targeted action" at local schools and workplaces, a stronger solution was needed.

What is closing down and why?

A spike in infections in Leicester means the city has three times more cases than the city with the next highest total. Leicester accounts for around 10 per cent of new infections in the country.

To arrest the spread of the virus, from Tuesday all non-essential shops will have to shut while schools will close their doors to most pupils from Thursday.

Short of building a wall around the city, there is absolutely no way this is going to work.

The planned reopening of more businesses including restaurants, pubs and hairdressers in England on July 4 will also not take place in the city.

"Given the Government's advice overnight and how it was clarified this morning, I was frankly astounded that the BHA considered it appropriate to race at Leicester", said McPherson, who was due to run Homing Star.

He told the Commons: "These actions are profoundly in the national interest too because it's in everyone's interests that we control the virus as locally as possible".

Schools will stay open for vulnerable youngsters and children of critical workers as they did before and people will be able to travel for childcare.

What geographical area is covered?

While the exact area impacted is not expected to be made clear until later on Tuesday, Mr Hancock said Leicester and the surrounding conurbation including Oadby, Birstall and Glenfield would be included.

Leicester has such a serious coronavirus situation that it's been put back in lockdown all by itself.

This includes parts of Blaby District and Charnwood in the county.

Meanwhile, Leicester Mayor Sir Peter Soulsby said the local officials were "frustrated" by how long it took for the government to present them with the evidence for a second shutdown.

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