Keep money for new Federal Bureau of Investigation building in coronavirus relief bill

The $1 trillion stimulus plan that Senate Majority Leader Mitch Mc Connell scrambled to produce is underwhelming at best and a joke at worst writes Sun Sentinel columnist Randy Schultz. The plan slices unemployment rejects aid to states and strong-arms

Here Are the Key Points of GOP's Virus Relief Package

They want to cut the benefit by two-thirds, to $200 per week through September, then switch to a percentage of no more than 70% of what the person made before the pandemic. "I don't see it standing in the way of us getting a deal".

Asked what could break the impasse, Mr. Meadows replied, "I don't know that anything will".

Speaking at the White House, Trump signaled his interest in reaching a deal and averting an eviction crisis.

"We're focused on those two things, we want to take care of them now", Mr.

"We're looking at a deadline of this Friday", Mnuchin told reporters outside the White House.

Democrats want to spend more than $3 trillion, including an extension of $600-per-week federal unemployment benefits and almost $1 trillion in aid to states and cities.

Senate Republicans' plan, backed by the White House, calls for lowering unemployment benefits to $200 per week temporarily as part of an overall $1 trillion package that includes about $100 billion for schools.

Associated Press writers Geoff Mulvihill in Cherry Hill, New Jersey; Rachel La Corte in Olympia, Washington; and Jill Colvin, Mary Clare Jalonick and Andrew Taylor in Washington contributed to this report.

Trump complained about sending "big bailout money" to the nation's cities, whose mayors he often criticizes. So, they've taxed them too much and they run them poorly.

"They [the Republicans] didn't have money for food stamps, but they had money for an Federal Bureau of Investigation building just so that they can diminish competition for the president's hotel", House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) told reporters.

Democrats proposed almost $1 trillion for the local governments, but Trump and Republicans are resisting sending the states and cities more cash.

"We will work on the payment for the people and the rest are far apart. We really don't care", Trump said. Trump also said he did not want people to get evicted from their homes who have been hard hit by the public health crisis. "They're not making the payments. they're not making them high enough".

The $600 weekly federal unemployment benefit will expire on Friday without an agreement between Congress and the Trump administration.

Democrats want to extend the payment at its current level. He said some in his party "don't think that we probably need to be doing anything more at this point" in response to the coronavirus. The federal eviction ban is expiring, as are many state and local prohibitions on court action to force evictions.

Unemployed workers have been receiving an extra $600 a week from the federal government since late March to supplement state jobless aid.

Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham blasted the GOP Senate version, calling it "unworkable".

Republicans seek $16 billion for virus testing; Democrats want $75 billion.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said on PBS Newshour Wednesday that "about 20 of our members think that we've already done enough", meaning that 20 Republicans will likely vote "no" on any coronavirus relief package.

The Kentucky Republican recalled Democrats blocking the Senate GOP police-reform legislation in June following the death of George Floyd, a Black man at the hands of a White police officer on Memorial Day that had sparked Black Lives Matter protests nationwide.

The $1 trillion plan Republicans announced on Monday provided $30 billion for the Department of Defense, including hundreds of millions of dollars that Democrats rejected as a bid to "backfill" accounts the Trump administration had emptied to help pay for the border wall.

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