The Ellen DeGeneres Show Subject of Internal Investigation After Workplace Complaints

'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' Is Being Investigated by WarnerMedia Amid Recent Allegations

Warner Bros TV to examine Ellen TV show complaints

WarnerMedia has begun an internal investigation of the "The Ellen DeGeneres Show", Variety reports on Monday.

This comes after source quoted in a Buzzfeed article alleged that employees were working in an environment "dominated by fear".

Earlier this month Buzzfeed reported the experiences of 10 former and one current employee of the talk show - all of whom remained anonymous.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show is reportedly being investigated following multiple allegations of its "toxic work environment".

According to Variety, executives from show producer Telepictures and distributor Warner Bros.

The unnamed former employees also stated that they were instructed by their managers to not speak directly to Ellen if they saw her at the office. She also quoted a main writer on the show who told her, "I'm sorry, I only know the names of the white people who work here".

Numerous accusers alleged that the show's environment is "dominated by fear", and claimed that employees who don't raise concerns about work hours or microaggressions are rewarded. We take all this very seriously and realize, as many in the world are realizing that we need to do better, so we are committed to doing better, and we will do better'. A Warner Bros. spokesperson had acknowledged previously that their had been poor communication with staff regarding their pay while blaming the chaos caused by the lockdown for the same.

DeGeneres has been under fire since a while now as her social repute tumbles to the ground after her past employees as well as guests on the show came forth to reveal her "abusive" and "manipulative" behavior.

However, one former employee pointed out that it's Ellen's name on the show.

Ellen DeGeneres with her wife Portia de Rossi. In it, current and former staffers claimed that they had been subjected to racist comments, micro-aggressions and had been fired after taking medical leave (one instance followed a suicide attempt) or bereavement days by them. "I think the executive producers surround her and tell her, 'Things are going great, everybody's happy, ' and she just believes that, but it's her responsibility to go beyond that". As she continues The Ellen Degeneres Show at home during quarantine, Inside reports Ellen is only utilizing a handful of her more than thirty usually stage crew.

Ellen DeGeneres has finally spoken out in response to the allegations that have been made about an alleged "toxic culture" on The Ellen Show.

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