Virgin Galactic reveals spaceplane cabin ahead of passenger flights

SpaceShipTwo cabin

What to expect as the world's first space tourist on Virgin Galactic (it includes days of prep)

He brags about the circular mirror in the back of the passenger cabin onboard VSS Unity, explaining that it is a way "to allow our customers to see themselves in space in a way that has really never been done before".

The cabin design is fairly minimalistic - with seats, windows and a large rear mirror making up most of the layout - to allow astronauts to focus on the experience.

British spaceflight company Virgin Galactic unveiled the interior cabin design of its vehicle meant to take space tourists on suborbital flights on Tuesday, showing off an "elegant but progressive, experience-focused concept" in a YouTube event. They will be reclined when the flight reaches zero gravity to optimize space for passengers to float around the cabin, and then remain in a reclined position to help manage the impact of G-forces during reentry.

Remarkably specific facilities to boost the buyer flight encounter were revealed in an on the web event revealing the cabin of the company's rocket aircraft, a kind called SpaceShipTwo, which is undergoing tests in planning for commercial company. "And then when they finally get into space and can look down at planet Earth, the lighting will just fade to nothing so that people can just focus on, you know, the lovely sight of our home planet".

Virgin Galactic have unveiled the cabin design for their spaceship, marking a new step in their quest to dominate space tourism.

Virgin Galactic is on track to clear its final testing milestones to obtain a commercial operating license from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration after it conducts "a small number of flights" carrying four test passengers, Whitesides told a news briefing.

The spacesuits that tourists will travel in have been designed by Under Armour.

Each seat will include audio and video from the crew up front, with flight data and personal communication.

"We'll turn [the mood lighting] off completely whilst you're in space, to let Earth provide the ultimate lovely lighting".

Those who want to show off on social media can record themselves or the views on 16 cabin cameras, as well as those in the cockpit and externally on the spacecraft.

Seymourpowell developed the color palette, which features golden metallics, blue hues and teal tones to evoke desert sands, celestial spaces and the ocean, respectively.

"It's a big moment today ... for anyone who has ever dreamt of flying to space including our ... founder, Richard Branson", said Michael Colglazier, who assumed the role of CEO of Virgin Galactic one week ago following 26 years at The Walt Disney Company, the final two of which he spent leading Disney Parks International as president and managing director.

George Whitesides, the chief space officer at Virgin Galactic, is as excited about the future as are the 600 customers who have already signed up.

The company has said it intends to fly its first customers into space later this year.

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