Apple Watch Series 6 Batteries Spotted in Multiple Certifications, Battery Capacities Revealed

Report: Apple Watch Series 6 will support blood oxygen level monitoring and sleep tracking

Apple Watch Series 6 to Feature Blood Oxygen Monitoring

If blood oxygen levels are too low, your body may not work correctly.

When Apple launches the Apple Watch Series 6 wearable this fall, it'll come with a whole new sensor according to a new DigiTimes report. Apple could also use the blood oxygen level data on the Apple Watch Series 6 to offer a more enriched sleep tracking data.

The report claims that Apple has inked a deal with ASE Technology, a Taiwan-based supplier, to build the Series 6.

In case you are not aware, Blood Oxygen monitoring estimates the amount of oxygen in your blood. Perhaps the reason why there is a heavy demand for standalone clip-on-style Pulse oximeters in the market. It's not clear if the feature would be limited to Apple Watch Series 6 or if it is a part of watchOS 7. The increased battery capacity to help the new features such as blood oxygen level detection.

When the original ‌‌‌Apple Watch‌‌‌ was released back in 2015, iFixit actually discovered that Apple's heart sensors have the capability to monitor blood oxygen levels, but Apple has never activated it. It repeats on the previous report that stated future Apple Watch will find blood oxygen levels for the very first time.

So in a similar vein, it's entirely possible that Apple could still bring blood oxygen monitoring to existing Apple Watch models, but that it's waiting to announce this until the Apple Watch Series 6 is ready with more sophisticated sensors and advanced health features that may go beyond what the current Apple Watch is capable of. Based on leaks and speculation, the Series 6 will feature a faster processor, better water resistance, improved cellular speeds, and the ability to monitor sleep.

For now, this is all the intel that we have about the upcoming Apple Watch Series 6, but since we have already started spotting it on different certification websites, we can expect to hear more about it in the coming days.

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