'Battletoads' arrives on Xbox One and PC on August 20th

Battletoads release date has been confirmed for August

Battletoads Are Back This August After 26 Years Since Their Last Game

The new art style didn't really look as edgy as the Battletoads themselves, and overall tone of the game is supposed to be, but there were still some fans that were willing to give the game a chance.

The trailer also reveals that Battletoads will be releasing on Xbox One, Xbox Game Pas, and PC (Windows 10, Steam) on Thursday the 20th of August. Simply search for Battletoads on your Xbox One, or download the Xbox Game Pass mobile app for iOS or Android and pre-install to your console or PC.

Battletoads is at long last ready to make its return after 26 years, as the latest game will be jumping to Xbox One this August, available day one for Xbox Game Pass. And yes, the grueling bike racing segments are back, just from a different perspective, as you can see in the launch date trailer above. The new Battletoads has been in development at Dlala Studios with Rare giving support to the studio. Battletoads supports three-player couch co-op, so you can rope in a couple of friends or family members to help you get through some of the chaotic action.

Originally released 1991 by Rare for the Nintendo Entertainment System, Battletoads has always been a badge of courage for any player fearless enough to try it.

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