Former U.S. Marine Sentenced to Nine Years in Russian Prison

Reed has been held in a Moscow prison in pre-trial detention since August 2019

Reed has been held in a Moscow prison in pre-trial detention since August 2019

Mr. Reed, a Texas native, joined the U.S. Marine Corps after college and received an honorable discharge upon completing his service, according to a website set up by his supporters. He has already been in Russian custody awaiting trial for nearly a year. "And it is not good for encouraging US private citizens and business to visit and invest here if what they did to [Reed] can be done to anyone". He has pleaded not guilty to the charge, saying he remembers nothing of the incident.

Judge Dmitry Arnaut of Moscow's Golovinsky District Court on July 30 also ordered Reed to pay 150,000 rubles ($2,000) to each police officer as compensation for moral damage.

Tsybulnik told RFE/RL that when she arrived at the police station later, Reed was being questioned, without a lawyer or interpreter present, by two men who introduced themselves as employees of the Federal Security Service (FSB).

"I have not been making public statements the way I have about other cases just because I was in effect giving the Russian judicial system an opportunity to do justice by Reed", he said.

Trevor Reed, 29, was handed the sentence Thursday at a court in Moscow as the judge said he had caused the officers "mental and physical harm".

Whelan has denied the allegations and has called the case "politically motivated".

When Trevor Reed, a former U.S. Marine, traveled to Moscow from his home in Texas in May 2019, he planned to spend the summer with his Russian girlfriend and take some language lessons. A lawyer herself, Tsybulnik told the U.S. media that it was one of her colleagues who called the police after Reed celebrated during a night out with his friends and her co-workers - supposedly because the American was "in a bad state".

CCTV footage did not show the police auto swerving while on its way to the station, as the officers had claimed. Tsybulnik says the police have presented a jacket with a torn arm to the court in an effort to demonstrate that he tugged on the driver. "[Reed] was asleep in the back of the auto".

In June, Russia sentenced another US citizen, Paul Whelan, to 16 years in a high-security prison on espionage charges, according to reporting by BBC News. "That is why they didn't handcuff him".

'Almost everything introduced in the trial, that's in the case, has been fairly well disputed, ' father Joey Reed said. His father Joey also said he would appeal directly to Russian President Vladimir Putin in the hope of changing his son's fate.

'We are not arguing about Russian law, we are arguing about how Russian law is applied, ' he told reporters.

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