Here are the patch notes for the new summer Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing fireworks


Animal Crossing: New Horizons' in-game camera makes it easy to automatically gets rid of these annoying UI elements when you snap pictures, but players who want to take live video using the camera features are normally stuck with them.

According to the update's official announcement, Luna will assign players a "Dream Address", which allows them to visit each other this way.

The time has finally come for Animal Crossing: New Horizons' latest update.

A new feature allows you to sleep in a bed and meet Luna.

This feature does not allow save data (island data) to be transferred to a different system.

This is not a feature that you can fiddle with as a user, and is purely intended for when you are in need of support.

"While dozing off, you may find yourself in a odd realm where you'll be greeted by Luna". You can upload a dream of your island via the internet or visit other uploaded dream islands.

"In dreams, nothing is permanent because nothing you do is saved, so explore to your heart's content".

New features have been added to the Custom Designs Portal. To see your designs as frequently as possible, you'll want to use up all ten custom slots, even if that means repeating the same image over and over.

Fireworks Shows - Enjoy atmospheric fireworks lighting up the sky above your island every Sunday in August at 7 p.m. Get in the spirit by redeeming Bells for raffle tickets in the plaza to get various festive items that you can use.

Isabelle will also allow players to pick up to 10 different designs to be used in the Fireworks Show; players will need to speak to Isabelle to pick them.

To actually catch a Moray Eel in Animal Crossing New Horizons, all you need to is pull out your fishing rod (if you don't have one, here's how to obtain it), press the A button near the ocean/sea when a thin shadow pops up, and once the fish grabs your lure, immediately press the A button again. The update is also bringing a cloud backup system for players' islands for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers.

"In the event of loss or damage, contact Nintendo Consumer Support about restoring the island and user save data on your new or repaired Nintendo Switch system". You just need to be a Switch Online member, and according to Nintendo: "Save data can not be restored at a customer's discretionary timing".

A new feature has been added for backing up save data to Nintendo's servers via the internet.

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