Hyper Scape Season 1 launches next month, beta ends August 2

Hyper Scape Release Date Set for August 11 on PC and Consoles Season One Detailed

Hyper Scape Release Date Set for August 11 on PC and Consoles Season One Detailed

Following PC-exclusive live phases, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players will have the opportunity to jump into the Hyper Scape for the first time. The Season One Battle Pass also promises a free and premium track, with 100 tiers of cosmetic items to unlock.

When the season launches, new content will be available in the game, too - there's a new gun called the Dragonfly, which works well at mid-range, and a new hack called Magnet, which works as a kind of trap. The new feature in Crowncast called Kudos will allow viewers on Twitch to react to the exciting moments using the bits (currency in Hyper Scape). The free to play battle royale game is now available in beta on PC and will finally come to all three platforms on August 11. All you have to do is watch a twitch stream for an hour or jump into the Open Beta and claim your rewards at the platform of your choice on 11th August.

Season 1 will begin Hyper Scape's story. Prisma Dimensions created the Hyper Scape and there is a mystery within it to be solved. Comics will also be released for the game, building out the lore of the world. As the game enjoys its full, official release, it'll be receiving new gameplay content, new features for its Hyper Scape Crowncast Twitch extension, and more. Speaking of that extension, which is integrated with the game, it'll have a new feature when Season 1 starts. Players get Bitcrowns by simply playing the game, or by purchasing packs of Bitcrowns with real money on the Ubisoft or first party stores. The company made the announcement via the Hyper Scape Twitter account.

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