Lewis Hamilton keen to drive for equality

British Grand Prix: Lewis Hamilton intends to be in F1 for 'at least another three years'

Grosjean reveals 45-minute clear the air talk with Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton is optimistic Formula One will present a united front against racism, although there remains disagreement behind the scenes on how the sport approaches it as Sergio Pérez became the first F1 driver to test postive for Covid-19 ahead of this weekend's British Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton can see himself racing in Formula 1 for at least another three years as he wants to be an inspiration for drivers from a similar background to aspire to race.

"In terms of how long I go, that's a bit of an unknown", Hamilton said on Thursday.

His contract expires at the end of this season, with the 35-year-old aiming to win his fourth championship in a row.

"I want to perform at the level I'm performing at now forever, but there is a point when physicality and the mental side can tail off", he said. "I've no divine right to be here". My goal is to continue for as long as I can, ie at least three years.

"I think that's going to happen and that's going to be more clear for all of us to know exactly what to do".

"Also we " re in a period of time where there " s not another driver from my background at the moment - and I " m conscious of that as well". It is definitely my goal, and I like it a thumbs up, I'm here, and we also have fans here next year, "Hamilton said according to British Autosport".

© Photograph: Andrew Boyers/Reuters Lewis Hamilton was frustrated with the confusion surrounding the anti-racism gesture in Hungary and has welcomed the adoption of a formal ceremony for the British Grand Prix. The Silverstone track will be racing both this week and next week, but the stands are empty due to the coronavirus. He is on 86 ahead of this Sunday " s race as he seeks to overhaul Michael Schumacher " s records of seven titles and 91 wins.

"He originally reached out to me to talk after the last race and so I gave him a call and we had this great conversation". "We learned we had more in common than we perhaps thought". "And he " s clearly a caring person. So to hear that he's said that is.it's not easy firstly for anybody to admit that you're wrong. And that " s a great first step.

"I had great conversations with them to understand what they are planning and that we are all on the same team here", he said.

"And that's really what it's going to take all of us to do - to really open up our minds, don't put barriers up, don't be defensive, be open-minded and acknowledging that there is an issue". Twenty six cars started the race, of which four retired with mechanical damage and no fewer 16 crashing out in undrivable conditions.

"It was, however, Red Bull's Max Verstappen that filled the second spot on the podium last weekend instead of Bottas, and the Belgian whizz-kid has a 7% chance of going one better this weekend according to Betfair Exchange, as the rest of the F1 teams struggle to break the Mercedes stranglehold at the top".

"Everyone has a different feeling, different way of expressing their feelings, so you can not force anyone to do anything", he said.

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