Manfred warns union of potential Major League Baseball shutdown

Cubs' Anthony Rizzo peeved over MLB's safety protocols before game gets postponed over weather

20% of MLB now unavailable due to COVID-19

Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred remains confident the 2020 season can continue, telling ESPN's Karl Ravech on Saturday that "there is no reason to quit now" despite positive coronavirus tests that have led to the postponement of 17 games in 10 days.

Should another outbreak materialize, Manfred has the power to shut the season down.

Diaz consistently tested negative while the season was on hold, but he chose to become the first Miami player to opt out.

Manfred and Clark talked about what needs to be done to finish the season, a person familiar with the conversation said.

Manfred delivered his message in conjunction with the conclusions of an Major League Baseball investigation that blasts the Marlins for being irresponsible and going out in public between games.

This comes after 18 Miami Marlins players tested positive for coronavirus earlier this week.

Some players have not been abiding by the league's protocols, with broadcasts also showing some players not wearing masks, high-fiving and spitting. "Players are seeing what can happen", Houston manager Dusty Baker said.

The latest game postponed was Milwaukee's home opener against St. Louis, scrapped hours before the first pitch after two Cardinals players tested positive.

But as much as there is a grim comedy in watching a bad Marlins team try to muddle its way through an outbreak, the situation with the Phillies must have even Manfred reconsidering his opinion on nightmares. That included going out while on the road in Atlanta and congregating in the hotel bar.

The baseball season is not yet a week old, and so far the teams with changed dates and schedules include the Marlins, Phillies, Yankees, Jays, Washington Nationals and Baltimore Orioles, who ended up just playing the Yankees since they had nothing better to do.

St. Louis last played in Minnesota on Wednesday against the Twins.

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