Elon Musk insults Bill Gates after Microsoft founder snubs Tesla

Elon Musk Breaks Promise Not to Send China Built Tesla Cars Around the World

Tesla Model 3 ready for powerlift gate, center console upgrade, new 'Frank' and more

Tesla CEO Elon Musk hinted Friday that the electric vehicle maker will reveal new technology at its "Battery Day" presentation on September 22.

Meanwhile, Tesla still appears to be facing major quality issues as Jalopnik recently reported that Model Y owners discovered what Jalopnik called "Home Depot shit" being used to mount critical engine parts.

It seems that Musk has a rather fragile ego, on show again with his latest tweet. Request Power Lift Gate upgrade. The owner in question has lost the ability to use his legs, making it challenging to use the Model 3's manual lipgate and torso. These gave rise to speculation that this feature would eventually become the standard for the Model 3. Regarding the story, Elon Musk said that Tesla will install a power liftgate upgrade for the owner's Model 3 for free.

Other features mentioned in the rumor, such as the Model Y's "Octovalve" and a new Frank, were also pointed out by owners in the West.

Obviously, the problem lies in the fact that the nuts of the ball joint at the Tesla factory were not tightened with the required tightening torque, or they were completely forgotten during assembly - most of the electric crossovers on which the defect was found were not even a month old from the moment they left the assembly line.

This promise was made during the peak of the trade war between the US and China, at one point Musk even stated that higher-end Model 3 and Model Y vehicles fo the Chinese market would still be produced in the United States and that the Chinese factory would only produce "affordable versions" of the Model 3 and Model Y for local demand in China.

Perhaps the most interesting part of China's recent rumors are the new steering wheel, the "2.0" version of the center console, and double-layered glass for better noise isolation. At the same time, according to Mazda, electric vehicles are worse than diesel for the environment. Following the closure, Tesla began producing higher-end versions of its Model 3 in China but has not stopped since reopening its Fremont factory. It usually suppresses or overtakes the wind noise of a conventional vehicle, in part because it lacks an internal combustion engine.

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