Israel to Head Into 3-Week Nationwide Lockdown to Control Coronavirus

Israelis continue protests over Netanyahu alleged corruption, Covid-19 response

Israel Announces 3-Week Nationwide Lockdown After Surge In COVID-19 Cases

As part of the new restrictions, members of the public will also be ordered to stay within 500 yards of their homes and no more than ten people can meet indoors.

The move comes just hours before the start of the Jewish New Year and the high holidays.

"This is not the holiday time we're used to".

At a cabinet conference earlier Sunday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated the nation's coronavirus czar had actually raised "a red flag regarding the ability of the health system to handle the challenges that are upon us, and (thus) the need to take the necessary steps as a result".

On Sunday, Housing Minister Yaakov Litzman of the ultra-orthodox United Torah Judaism party resigned in protest of the lockdown's timing, which he said was an affront to Israel's Jews.

Netanyahu has also been lambasted for seeming to cave to pressure from various interest groups, including most recently his ultra-Orthodox governing partners, who appeared to have convinced him to relax a pinpointed, city-based lockdown plan that would have mostly affected ultra-Orthodox and Arab communities.

Israel earned praise for its initial handling of the coronavirus outbreak, moving quickly to seal the country's borders and appearing to bring infections under control.

He wrote in a resignation letter on Friday: "This wrongs and scorns hundreds of thousands of citizens".

"Where were you until now?"

A girl wearing a mask pushes a scooter on a pavement as Israeli authorities brought back some coronavirus disease (COVID-19) restrictions after the number of new cases jumped in what officials fear could herald a "second wave" of infections, in Elad, Israel June 24, 2020. The government has been accused of mismanagement, failing to properly address both the health and economic crises wrought by the virus and leading the country to its second lockdown. The Israeli government has been struggling to contain the outbreak, which has had negative effects on the economy and the political climate. The information was given by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu himself.

Netanyahu said he was aware of the "high price" that the public would be paying and vowed that those hurt financially by the coming lockdown would be compensated.

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